Drivers’ Testimonial

John Tkac and Bharati Patel Testimonial

Total Logistics Trucking is a company where staff are easy to talk to and everyone, from frontline
workers to the president, are approachable and always willing to listen. Drivers live all over Canada, and
the company is very accommodating about home time and vacation. Wages are excellent, including paid
deliveries, waiting times, border crossings, trailer switches, and quarterly safety bonuses. Benefits are
generous, covering both US and Canada. Total Logistics customers are large operations, located in most
states and provinces. The company is very accommodating with requests for specific runs. The majority
of the freight is no touch, mostly reefer, single drop runs and trailer switches. The fleet is constantly
being updated with new trucks and trailers. Breakdowns are addressed when and where it happens,
with a “do it right the first time” approach. My wife and I are quite happy we made the decision a
number of years ago to run with Total, and we plan on staying many more.
July 2019

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